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Icing On Cake

1st February 2020

The Winter Holly Challenge

25th January 2020

Charles Darwin Day

7th February 2020

The Winter Railway Ultra

16th February 2019

The Groundhog Marathon

7th March 2020

The CODopoly Triple

16th-18th March 2020

Silkin Way Ultra

30th March 2019

May the 4th

4th May 2020 (Bank Holiday Monday)

Revenge of The Fifth - on the third

3rd May 2020

The Shin Dig in the Shire

May 18th 2019

The Divorce Day Fundraiser

June 22nd 2019

The Snickerthon

29th June 2019

July the Turd

3rd July 2019

Independence Day

4th July 2019

The Piece of Cake Trail Race

13th July 2019

The Railway Ultra

3rd August 2019

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute Marathon

11th August 2019

The Run to the Castle Ultra

17th August 2019

The Battle of the Borders Day One

7th September 2019

Battle of the Borders - Day Two

8th September 2019

Yabba Dabba Do

14th September 2019

Guardians of the CODRC

28th September 2019

The Pumpkin Marathon

2nd November 2019

The Spooky Halloween Challenge

2nd November 2019

The November Nightmare

3rd -10th November 2019

The Sunset to Sunrise Challenge

16th November 2019

The Winter Run to the Castle

7th December 2019

The 12th Sunrise to Sunset Challenge

27th December 2019