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The Sunset to Sunrise Challenge
11/11/2017 located in Coalport

The Sunrise to Sunset Challenge
27/12/2017 located in Shrewsbury

The Icing on the Cake Marathon
04/02/2017 located in Church Stretton

The Winter Railway Ultra
18/02/2017 located in Coalport

The COD Triple Day 1
20/03/2017 located in Lightmoor

The COD Triple Day 3
22/03/2017 located in Lightmoor

May the fourth
04/05/2017 located in Church Stretton

Tims 99 Blue Balloons
03/06/2017 located in Craven Arms

The Snickerthon
01/07/2017 located in Tamworth

The Railway Ultra
05/08/2017 located in Coalport

The Run to the Castle Ultra
19/08/2017 located in Aberdyfi

The Shindig in the Shire Too
23/09/2017 located in Craven Arms

The Spooky Halloween Challenge
28/10/2017 located in Lightmoor

The November Nightmare (Day 2)
30/10/2017 located in Coalport

The November Nightmare (Day 4)
01/11/2017 located in Coalport

The November Nightmare (Day 6)
03/11/2017 located in Lightmoor

The Winter Run to the Castle Ultra
09/12/2017 located in Aberdyfi

The Groundhog Marathon
03/03/2018 located in Oakengates

The Silkin Way Ultra
31/03/2018 located in Telford

The Winter Run To the Castle Ultra
10/12/2016 located in Aberdyfi

The Winter Holly Challenge
28/01/2017 located in Lightmoor

The Darwin Day Marathon
10/02/2017 located in Shrewsbury

The Groundhog Marathon
04/03/2017 located in Oakengates

CODopoly and COD Triple Day 2
21/03/2017 located in Coalport

The Silkin Way Ultra
01/04/2017 located in Telford

The Shindig in the Shire
20/05/2017 located in Craven Arms

The Holly Challenge
10/06/2017 located in Lightmoor

The Piece of Cake
15/07/2017 located in Church Stretton

The Rocky Horror Tribute Marathon
13/08/2017 located in Shrewsbury

Yabba Dabba Doo
16/09/2017 located in Tamworth

The Pumpkin Marathon
28/10/2017 located in Lightmoor

The November Nightmare (Day 1)
29/10/2017 located in Lightmoor

The November Nightmare (Day 3)
31/10/2017 located in Lightmoor

The November Nightmare (Day 5)
02/11/2017 located in Coalport

The Sunset to Sunrise Challenge
11/11/2017 located in Coalport

The Sunrise to Sunset Challenge
27/12/2017 located in Shrewsbury

The CODopoly Triple
19/03/2018 to 21/03/2018